Edie Menard: Lead Vocals
Edie was born and brought up in Hardwick. She is married and has four children, nine grandchildren and one great grandchild!
Music has been a part of her life since she learned how to whistle
at the age of three...!
 Although she was involved in chorus throughout her school years
and also sang in the church choir,she wasn't comfortable
when it came to singing, alone, in front of people...  
Karaoke became the avenue that, eventually, afforded her the courage
to start singing in front of people..
Eventually she bought Karaoke equipment for her own enjoyment,
which opened the door to her becoming a Karaoke DJ.
It was during one of her Karaoke DJ jobs at the VFW - Hyde Park
that she met Russell McReynolds.
Through his persistence ( that she should be singing in a band )
she was introduced to Randy Beer and Jerry Fessenden.
As they say, the rest is history.  She gives full credit to Russ
for her being a part of what, eventually,
was named (by Randy) The Krazy Kountry Band.  
After a good run ( over 6 years ) Krazy Kountry Band, after their final booking, disbanded on Dec. 10, 2011.
 Russ moved forward with a new band doing 50's music
called The Reminiscents, shortly after.
 Jerry, Randy and Edie, after an eight month break,  decided it was time
to bring Krazy Kountry back!!!  
Over the years Jerry, Edie and  Randy had formed, not only a
great friendship but also a terrific working relationship.
 Throughout their previous years of working together Randy and Edie
had shared a great sense of humor, on and off the stage.
 Randy, on Lead Guitar, is her 'go to' guy for set lists, sound set up,
right down to 'what key do I sing that song in' ?!! 
She has attended The annual Steel Guitar Show in Dallas Texas,
with Jerry,  for the past several years and
has even sung there during his steel performances. Dean Parks
played Lead in 2010 during one such occasion.
Jerry knows so many people in the business, and has introduced her
to Charlie Daniels and his Bandmates
plus Crosby & Nash, just to mention a couple...

Although Jerry has stepped back, due to his spending so much time on the road peddling his Steel Guitars, we are fortunate to have Tom McDonough carrying on, playing a great steel and Jerry will join us as our 'sub' for Tom, whenever available. Jerry will always be our honorary band mate!
As Krazy Kountry Band moves forward, with Doug Garland on Bass Guitar , Tom McDonough on Steel Guitar/Vocal and Kevin Morrison on Drums they are all looking forward to getting out there and doing what they all enjoy most - playing music!!
 Randy Beer: Lead Guitar/Vocals
Randy started playing guitar on the front steps of his home in West Burke Vermont in 1973.
At nine years old, under the watchful eye of his dad Francis, Randy after mastering the basics, would find himself at
house parties jamming and stealing licks from anyone he could.
At 12 he was playing in local bands and at 13 Randy played live on the radio at WDEV on
Dick Longfellow's Saturday morning music show with Bill and the Rhythm Riders.
Once he entered high school he played with local bands such as Southern Comfort and Easy Country.
In 1983 he joined the iconic group called the Green Mountain Band.
While with the Green Mountain Band the group opened for such stars as Patty Lovelace,
Ricky Van Shelton, and Micky Gilley.
The group played at most every club in the NEK and NH.
During this time Randy recorded a solo album called Takin Chances.
After writing and doing all the instrumentation for the nine song recording at  the Sound Design Recording Studio
in Brattelboro co-produced with Jim Miller Productions, he received air play and interviews at radio stations
throughout the state of Vermont with his song "Nobody Gets the Blues" breaking inside the top 40 charts at WNSO Radio.
The Green Mountain Band disbanded in 1994 and gave way for a new endeavor for Randy called "Milestone"
The Milestone band played the NEK and opened up for Jeff Carson (The Ride) at the Caledonia County Fair in 1996.
In 2000 the band came to an end and Randy took a break before being coaxed back into music in 2004 by the creation of the Krazy Kountry Band.
Randy enjoys playing all kinds of music but loves pure country the most and has blended a tasteful style based on the licks of many players combined.
Randy enjoys the laid back style of Krazy Kountry with the seasoned singers and musicians in the band !
Tom Mcdonough Steel Guitar-Guitar/Vocals
Tom grew up in Mass, where he started playing guitar at age 13. 

His first exposure to the entertainment industry was working as a wrangler/stagehand for The Rex Trailer Show on WBZ-TV in Boston. Rex was singing kiddie-cowboy who gave him some tips on playing guitar.  They often jammed backstage and at personal appearances he sometimes filled in as a corny banjo playing character. No, he didn't shear any sheep, ( yet, since, has become so good at it ).  One part of the routine was getting a balloon shot off my head.  ( which explains
a lot...) 

In 1973, Tom moved to VT to join a band with some friends, and has been playing country music in Vermont ever since. He currently resides in Middlesex. 

Circa 1976, he won some prize money for a song he wrote called "Heartbreaker on One-Nine" which placed in a national "CB Radio themed" songwriting contest sponsored by Radio Shack. 

Tom got his first pedal steel sometime in the 1980's and has played it in several other bands including Maple Jam and The New Vibrations.

Bands that Tom has been a part of include Lost Highway, Pickin' Up Steam, Sundown Country and Sierra.
Doug Garland: Bass Guitar